On this page are examples of features which may be unsuitable for refinishing and/or plating.

These Patterns cannot be reproduced or restored during refinishing. In other words, scratches or other damage to these patterns cannot be removed.

Such areas can be cleaned, lightly polished, and plated during restoration.

Embossed Pattern

Florentined Pattern

Two-Toned patterns cannot be reproduced during plating unless the parts can be physically separated such as a bezel, crown, or other removeable feature.

Such finishes can be changed to monotone or one-color. ie: all gold or all silver.

All links in a metal band must be the same color.

If the gold bezel on this watch is removeable, it could be plated gold. The band, however, could not be plated two colors.

Linear or radial brushed finishes can generally be restored if nearby features allow.
Chronographs and Watches with complicated features are subject to extra labor.
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