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Pricing of watch replating


It is important to keep in mind that due to the different watch case designs, surface contours, case condition and other factors, each watch in need of goldplating presents its own unique requirements for refinishing and replating. The ultimate price determinant for any watch replating job will be based on the level of refinishing you decide to have done.

Lets talk about pricing for a replated watch. One of the dead giveaways of an inferior quality replate can be detected in the initial price estimate. If you are quoted 150 dollars or less to replate your watch, you can assume that the price does not include the removal of the mechanical parts from the watch casing. It will also not include the careful refinishing and surface restoration that will be required prior to replating. In some case it may not include even the basic repolishing! Make sure you ask enough questions to ensure that you know what you are getting for your money.

Some watch replaters will tell you that they meet all of the government standards for heavy goldplating (2.5 microns), including military standards for gold plating; and they probably do. But based on the 7 factors reviewed earlier that is not enough for the type of watch replating that guarantees a long lasting finish.

The standard end of this price range is based on a watch in reasonably good shape, with no deep surface scratches or damaged lugs. This price would include a top quality repolishing operation and replating in gold with a thickness of 5-7 microns.

If the case and/or band are in very poor shape with deep imperfections or damage required filling and/or replacement then extra cost may apply. We will contact you before proceeding if this applies.

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